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WIN a Basket of Coffee samples

  • Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea at least occasionally?
  • How do you drink your coffee?  Black, Latte’, Mocha…?
  • When was the last time you were paid for drinking coffee, tea, or hot cocoa

If you’re interested in a commodity, home-based business, (international gourmet coffee distributorship), let us know.

If you’d like a sample of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, tell us your preference.

(Your personal info. is never shared with anyone-we hate spam.)

We’ll send that sample out as soon as possible. Oh, and THANKS, for taking the time to stop by our site.

Do you drink coffee, click here, then call 812-985-7342 this is my office number, please leave a message and I’ll return your call.

Want to make extra money doing something you love?! click here and then call 812-985-7342.


Would you like to know the difference between our healthy coffee and regular acidic based coffee?

Healthy coffee is alkaline based, hydrates and oxygenates, increases brain power, strengthens immune system, provides energy yet calms the nerves, improves circulation, improves sleep, no jitters, no anxiety, no caffeine crash.

A healthy body is an alkaline body. Alkaline= sufficient oxygen for the body to function at optimum levels.

Regular Coffee (acidic) dehydrates, takes 17 glasses of water to neutralize the effects of one cup of coffee-to bring the body back to an alkaline state, causes jitters, caffeine crash, withdrawls, (raises stress levels)

Book:  God and Science Bridged as One  (all the sciences rolled up into one.)

Classes or call (812-985-7342)

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