What is Cancer?!

The first advice a doctor should give his patient just diagnosed with cancer: change everything you have been doing [broadly speaking] for the last 10 years. Primarily, your food choices must be upgraded. Cancer is A CLUSTER of DEAD CELLS that have been robbed of their oxygen, water, and building blocks due to the lack of nutrients and a daily overload of toxins, substances that make the body work harder and robs cellular energy everyday. The cumulative effect: NO ENERGY. Always feeling tired is indicative of low fuel. I have said for years [info in my first book and brochures] that yeast propagates cancer. and finally one doctor and then a second professional confirmed: in every case, not 95%, of the time, yeast has saturated the cancerous tumor! Yeast cells shed their outer wall, which make them invisible from the microscopic perception. The internal visible proof is at the saturated level – the mound of dead cells. In my online classes and upcoming books I’ll be teaching EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YEAST [CANDIDA ALBICANS] AND HOW TO DETECT THIS DECEITFUL MONSTER LEAVING EVIDENCE ON THE OUTSIDE. The purpose of yeast in the body is to decompose the tissue at death, but in its overgrowth state the programming remains the same in a living body. Precisely, what this beast needs to grow . . . will be your sweet cravings! SUGAR FEEDS YEAST AND ULTIMATELY CANCER.

Linda gale, the author of it Makes Sense books

Book:  God and Science Bridged as One  (all the sciences rolled up into one.)


© Linda Gale, It Makes Sense all rights reserved 2013


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