If you have children, see these dangers.

In the END, Nature Wins the GMO War

The GMO’s Deadly Punch May Be More than what Monsanto Manipulated. We must ask: how could “One Company [Monsanto/GE]” have so much power—CONTROL Over our Food?

“The feed given to cows and pigs could be GMO’S [75 to 80 percent of conventional processed foods now contain GMO’s.]! If you’re not buying USDA Organic products, which by definition, exclude GMO ingredients—you’re probably eating GMO’s in the additives like ascorbic acid, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, cornstarch, isoflavones, stearic acid, caramel color, dextrose, vegetable oil, and protein isolate. [60 countries mandate GMO labeling, but the US does not]. Perhaps the 2.4 billion in sales in 2012 – relative to NO GMOS specification verified seal – is the deterrent not to label? Keeping people in the dark allows the “Sleeping Giant” to remain inactive. However, two million people marched against Monsanto in March and May of 2013. More than 20 states have legislation pending: requiring GMO labeling.”

Why Be Concerned
Weeds in the fields adapt to the herbicides. In fact, the more herbicides the farmers use, the greater resistance of the bugs and bacteria! Does that cycle sound familiar? The body adapts to medications and the doctors prescribe more potent drugs . . . Abundant prescriptions of antibiotics have now proven to be a strain of mutated, resistant bacteria that kills 23,000 people a year! Go to Fox News and click on archives 10/6/13 Health Report.

“GMO’s were introduced in 1996 and initially they were effective for the famer’s fight against Nature’s beast [bugs and bacteria]. Since the GMO’s have become prevalent, herbicide use has increased 404 million pounds [7%] and the chemicals ended up killing some of the crops! Soil changes with increased use of glyphosate [Roundup] could be due to a critical loss: the plant’s inability to draw up life-giving minerals like zinc, chromium, and manganese.” IF THE MINERALS IN THE SOIL ARE ALTERED [LOST], HOW CAN THE PLANTS BE STRONG WOTHOUT THEIR BUILDING BLOCKS? Soil damage? Where is the “watch dog,” EPA?
Minerals naturally defend plants against their enemies: bugs of the field and bacterial/fungal attacks! Common Sense speaks: consistent consumption of weaker plants that has been grown in weaker soil eventually weakens the body. An inevitable chain of cause and effect.

Monsanto’s intent: to gun run the plant’s DNA. Gene guns breed seed resistance to more herbicides.
From 2006 to 2012, the GMO’s of Indiana corn had increased from 40% to 84%! Basically the insecticide is in every cell of the corn’s membrane, which makes the plant itself a killer of bugs! If the plants just kill a few of the bugs, does it not stand to reason that they would harm the body in dual measure: lack of nutrients and toxic poisons culminate in starvation of the body’s building blocks and an overload on the kidneys, liver, etc.?

This is what I found but you can do your own search. The chemicals in Roundup may be harmful if you come in contact. May cause blurred vision, diarrhea, upper respiratory problems. Poisonous if swallowed. When ingested or inhaled, see a doctor. Roundup label says, HAZARDOUS! Trade secret allows for 51% of the chemicals not to be mentioned, therefore, there are no health risks even known?! Roundup cannot be disposed in drains, sewers, and waterways. HELLO! How could soil saturation be void of the same dangers?
Has anyone connected the dots? Most diseases continue to rise. Starvation at the cellular level and toxic overload leads to dead cells. . . . Period.

The facts indicated by “ “ : deliciousliving by Jenna Blumenfield
Opinions and common sense statements: it-makes-sense.net by Linda Gale


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