Press Release For Immediate Release: Dec. 9, 2012


No matter the color, race, or ethnicity, the DNA/RNA stamp is absolute: the colossal roots not only reveal the seeds of Creation, but the images of the Crucifixion are chilling in the scientific-based  illustrations presented in Linda Gale’s first book, God and Science Bridged as One.

A concept based on symbolism and common sense, all provable by science, opens many doors to view the world from a broader perspective, one that is stamped with a Universal Code. A solid foundation of a visually-based concept and teaching method allows a fifth grader to be on the same plane with a college professor!

Linda takes the reader into the layers beneath the optic tract, heart, womb, etc., to show the significance of applying symbolism. The embedded configurations represent the seeds of the earth, ocean, and air [light and sound waves], which are reinforced by symbolism inferring the foundation of love, Creation and extended life by way of the Crucifixion. Did you know that every cell is held together by a Cross [laminin], and the outcome of DNA/RNA is a Cross with three protein bodies? Linda Gale further validates the importance of symbolism as she takes the reader from the nucleus of a single cell to the ocean floor and outer space, a journey that concisely explains gravity, black holes, global warming, and many other mysteries of the world. Some scientists are now questioning even the existence of gravity. Erik Verlinde, a professor at the University of Amsterdam, and others recognized as string theorists are searching for answers and a code to explain the theory that the world is made of tiny, wriggling strings. Linda for certain shows a deeply-rooted “encrypted” Code that proves God and Science are bridged as one.

Ironically, science had the answers to prove Creation all along. The eyes and optic  tract responsible for translating images – profoundly known as vision – and governing of new life that begins at conception behold a symbolic, instructional package that visually tells how Creation unfolds by the “master” gland, the pituitary.

This book is for the young, old, seeker, believer, non-believer, townsfolk, city dweller, villager, farmer, Ceo, teacher, preacher – anyone who is searching for deeper, even tangible, evidence of this immense world and its beginnings.

Linda Gale’s step-out-of-the-box approach, reinforced by critical thinking and

connect-the-dot simplicity, puts the links in place to weave together all sciences – an encompassing foundation presented in the series of her books, It Makes Sense. Her love for creativity was fulfilled in the 30 years of owning her own Interior Design business. Going from “creating” designs for home and business environments culminated into her writing about Creation, along with a fashionable clothing line depicting Creation!

For Speaking, Lecturing or Discussion

Contact: Mrs. L. Gale

e mail: commonsense (remove the space in the email)

office:   812  457  8735


Linda Gale

It Makes Sense. net

Book One

Copyright 2012 © Linda Gale


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