Learn Quantum Physics and your horse?!

Is your horse, “your best friend”? Ever think your horse ‘understands’ you? Well, whether you realize this or not, some of that comes from Quantum Physics! I’ve heard people say things like “my horse knows when my kids are sick”, or “if something is wrong with me, my horse won’t leave my side”. “I think my horse understands me, I think I understand my horse…… These types of things are far too common to pass up without some type of examination. Here are a couple of the common denominators: Light Heart ………….want to know more? Read down a little further. Linda Gale explains some of the wonders of Creation, DNA, RNA and more in her 1st book of the series It Makes Sense which she gives a little hint of what you might find inside HERE you’ll find out about classes you can take for quantum physics I had a friend once that had horses. Every time I pulled up to her house one horse in particular would run to greet me. I was scared of horses growing up, I had been around pony’s but I was afraid of horses. I loved it when he came up, there was an instant connection. I didn’t understand it, but we just connected. How could this be if I was afraid of horses? When he came around I felt an instant connection. It was exhilarating! Yet, it made no sense. Years later, I found the common connection. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and sit a minute while I explain how this horse taught me Quantum Physics. Join my updates to stay informed and learn. Now, back to that cup of coffee. Think about this, a couple sees each other for the first time. Room full of people and your eyes go to one set of eyes. There’s an instant love. They say love at first sight. THAT is a light beam. A beam that connects. From one being to another. Both parties are projecting and when their beams connect it’s compounded. Then it’s sending the light beams back to one another. Then you’ve heard this: “We’re on the same page”? That’s how it happens. It’s based on knowing the bond, the instant bond is in the heart. So, the eyes of the optic (light) tract, connect with the eyes in the recipients optic tract as well as the eyes ‘in the heart’ also connect with the recipients heart. On the optic tract there are a set of hearts that back the eyes that show a love connection.

If you’re interested in learning more about Quantum Physics and how it relates to God and all Creation, please have Mrs. Linda Gale come speak at your conference or group.

Here’s just a glimpse of Mrs. Linda’s testimony:




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