Learn Quantum Physics and your dog?!

Is your dog, “man’s best friend”?

Ever think your dog ‘understands’ you?

Well, whether you realize this or not, some of that comes from Quantum Physics!

I’ve heard people say things like “my dog knows when my kids are sick”, or “if something is wrong with me, my dog won’t leave my side”.

“I think my dog understands me, I think I understand my dog……

These types of things are far too common to pass up without some type of examination.

Here are a couple of the common denominators:



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Linda Gale expands on her incredible knowledge and years of study in her first book It Makes Sense.

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Quantum Physics and Your Dog

Did you know that dogs and other pets inherently apply quantum physics?  It is known that dogs display symbols [anticipation and excitement] 15 to 30 minutes before their caretaker actually arrives at home. I relate this ESP to the tuned-in light and sound waves. Or, it is the radar of two connected brains, eyes, ears, and hearts.  There are multiple hearts located in the optic tract and inner ear and these light/sound wave generators remain on the same wave band as the Heart. In fact, a set of eyes implanted in the Heart sees eye-to-eye with the eyes! Furthermore, there are light transmitters in the inner ear. A three-way light system reinforced by sound waves, all connected by hearts, carry the profound “directed” light waves encrypted with an emotional-driven message. Did you know that the emotions are translated by the components of the optic tract? The keen sense of sight and hearing of dogs become their defense, or the same intelligence is in place when all defenses are down by the overwhelming love sent to their caretakers.

     Another example of light-wave messaging – When a nursing mother hears another baby cry [not her own], her milk begins to flow. This responsibility relating to nurturing life [physically and emotionally] is programmed in the optic tract!

     I remember reading about a mother who knew that her son had been killed in the war before receiving a call announcing the tragedy. There is a symbolic anchor in the Heart that is comprised of the umbilical vein and artery. When that physical bond is broken, the deep-seated emotions pick up the distorted light waves.

     I’m using these various examples of quantum physics but when I have my third book, “Symbolic Neurophysics,” published, your understanding will deepen. Light waves and bonding represent an intelligence that are known by “symbolism!”  The symbolic images that make up the life-generating organs and the nucleus of every cell reveal how “symbolism” is programmed at the very core: translation and understanding are innate in the design of the human body and the animal kingdom. I refer to this intelligence as the “profound : obscurities” that cannot be explained from a scientific perspective. The knowledge – the absolute knowing of a happening before the tangible proof exists – is simply a heart-to-heart translation carried by tightly woven diamond-based light waves.

Linda Gale

It Makes Sense.NET

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