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© Linda Gale, It Makes Sense all rights reserved 2013

© Linda Gale, It Makes Sense all rights reserved 2013

We invite you to join our School of Enlightenment where you will gain a visual understanding of all sciences and how they are tightly woven into a solid foundation, the seeds of Creation. The first book, God and Science Bridged as One, reveals facts about the design of the human heart, DNA/RNA, voice box, etc. that have never before been disclosed with deep meaning. Even some of the symptoms of autism are explained along with the controversial topics of global warming, black holes, and other mysteries. Naturally carved images in the mountains, ocean floors, river’s, lakes, waterfalls, and galaxies validate how science and Creation are one and the same.


I want to invite you to journey with me on this incredible adventure! Come enjoy these life changing classes in which you will not only learn, but retain, and recall information which previously you have thought impossible.

The classes herein will expand your imagination, build skills, and memory recall like you’ve never experienced before.

Linda Gale will take you on a journey like you’ve never experienced before and you’ll walk away ….. NEVER THE SAME!

Here you’ll learn:

All your sciences including but not limited to: Anatomy, Geology, Quantum Physics and more.

Classes are first come first serve, one on one and web video. The classes are called God and Quantum Physics

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You’ll need to get your book first: click here.

The first 6 classes as posted are free.

Here’s a sneak peak into this information:

Sneak Peak Preview on Pinterest.

Linda Gale

God and Science Bridged as One




Copyright 2013 © Linda Gale It Makes Sense .net


2 comments on “Sign up here for classes

    • Hi Jen, sorry for the delay. The classes will be starting again, but this time they will be on video.
      If you’d like more information, Mrs. Gale will fill us in, so hang in there and watch for email updates.

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