[…] Looking at the bigger picture. For three consecutive weeks Minnesota had blizzards and two days later 80 to 93 degree swinging temps. At the same time in the south [Texas, Louisiana, Tn.] had tornados. The symbol was a whirlpool image that stretched from the Rockies to the headwaters of the Mississippi River, to the Gulf. Or a 9-shaped generator offered a whirlpool at the head and a dispersive point via the long tail. The next patterns to follow were the various heart chambers that were established in order to maintain a pulse while Nature worked to whirlpool [increase the current] of any river, lake, or body of water leading from the Rockies to the Miss River. Whatever becomes sluggish must be stimulated and Pulse boosted. I have watched weather maps and symbols for years. When every meteorologist in the country predicted Katrina was going to track back across the north end of Florida – I said. “she was making landfall at the mouth of the Miss River!” I knew the signs had been shown in the weather patterns two weeks prior. Nature is engineered to balance one path to another. The multiple configurations of hearts and funnel with a centering diamond represent the symbols of the weather map on the National Weather Channel. These pics were taken May 17th and 18th before the tornadoes hit Moore Oklahoma on May 20th. The symbols indicate [prior to the actual tornadic activity] where the storm cells are going to track. [Left to right] The big heart is a pulse chamber for that gathered heat. The following day a heart chamber is stacked on 2 hearts [the bell shape]. The funnel with a diamond shows patterns for the third day tracking and the 4th pic reveals a heart with a whipping tail that is fueled by a heart in the red. These symbols correspond to the principles of quantum physics! Join me online for Quantum Physics 101.

You’ll understand how time, space, and matter relates to a Masterful Pulse Code.

I’ll explain many weird happenings associated with tornado mysteries!

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Are you questioning YOUR SYMPTOMS?

I have followed patterns and cycles for years in regard to how symptoms occur according to the specific season of every organ and system. Currently, the kidneys and their related areas are in an active cycle. The eyes, ears, and feet coincide with the kidneys, and of course, back pain in the region of the kidneys is relative. Later I will share how they all connect. Please let me know if you have been experiencing symptoms in these areas and I will explain the connections. We are in a strong energy pattern right now – the sun is in a building cycle for shifting of its poles! The body is designed to cleanse itself during these advantageous cycles. Symptoms correspond to the body’s attempt to correct its problems.