Influence of Planet Transit

Astronomy 101 and the Influence of Planet Transit

February 3rd  4th and 5th 2013, marked another peak for Jupiter’s transit, the largest planet. Remaining in a governing expansive state due to the Sun’s 11th year fire-cycle peak and transit of the “fire planet” and its 4 moons has proven to be a target on the pituitary and hypothalamus, the body’s fire-based generators in charge of the emotions, nerves, and the fight/flight response. This critical life syndrome innate to the body’s defense programmed to save a life is easily distorted, and the dictating format becomes the flight to kill. Every organ and system has its season: fire, fire, and fire adds up to profound stats.  When those that are on the edge with emotional scars and drug influence [mental illness focus]  an inevitable “peak” compounded by all of the driving forces of the universe . . . leads to the actions to complete the prevailing thoughts that has been reeling in their minds for months, and perhaps years. School shootings occurring almost everyday for two weeks  [since Sandy Hook], and the most recent killings of the former LAPD officer waiting 4 years to get even, demonstrate the “rash,” or the “breakout” of evilness. [Syria’s 60,000 and climbing count massacre, etc,] show the world’s demising picture.

Book:  God and Science Bridged as One  (all the sciences rolled up into one.)


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