Connecting Dots

Remember the halo around the sun that I related to the profoundness of fire and ice on 1/5/13? [see the sun images along with the hand symbols, etc. in my album. The pattern to follow was record colds along the Pacific and record warms in the Midwest. The culmination of fire and ice was sweeping tornadoes and blizzards the next day [1/29 – 1/31]! From a national weather report, th…e map shown indicating the weather patterns for the last three weeks, illustrated a big, flaming red V!! The sun was revealing the signs of what was forthcoming. Four weeks previously [Dec. 4th and 5th] a planet alignment [earth, Jupiter, and some prominent stars] exhibited a prominent V. A light-transmitting “V” corresponds to contraction and expansion [cold and hot], or it is a Pulse chamber that is established for the adjustments of the lows and highs. The pattern of all hurricane trackings since 1851 to the present exhibited an eye that not only looks like a traveling fish in the ocean, but the images of the backbone of life – hearts and butterflies – are eye opening! I have this picture shown on page 120. On Dec 6, 2005, a symbolic fish, or diamond and egg, stretched across the map. The eye of this fish was located over Nebraska. A blizzard on the western side of the state was balanced by tornadoes on the eastern side [all on the same day!]. The final outcome of this weather system was the hurricane/blizzard in Boston on Dec, 7. People yelled “the World is coming to an End” as they watched “ice spears and fire” shoot through the pit of darkness during the middle of the day!! Our learning of science in all contexts is right before our eyes – we just have to be seeking for the deeper meaning of life. Wisdom is acquired through awareness and connecting the dots. Patterns and cycles always reveal the bigger picture that beholds the profile of a Masterful Code. God and Science Bridged as One provides the walk-through of this sacred universal stamp of life. I’ll be conducting classes on each chapter and the topics discussed will be applied to current events and issues. Please, go to and get your copy of this picture book that illustrates the roots of this vast world . . . you will know in your heart how it all was created by the Master.
Copyright 2013 © Linda Gale

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